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First HO Kit from C&EI Historical Society

One of many railroads that participated in the Fruit Growers Express pool was Chicago & Eastern Illinois. This image shows the prototype the C&EIHS based its first HO-scale kit release. C&EI Historical Society photo

First HO Kit from C&EI Historical Society

HO ScaleThe FlyerThe Chicago & Eastern Illinois Historical Society (C&EIHS) offers its first HO-scale model kit. Made for the C&EIHS by Accurail, the kit presents a 40-foot insulated boxcar based on C&EI’s Fruit Growers Express (FGE) fleet. The prototypes served under lease from FGE’s pool and saw use to ship loads in a stable temperature environment inside the plug-door boxcar.

The C&EIHS model includes road number 990375 and represents a 1953-built boxcar from Pacific Car & Foundry. Decals included in this special kit release provide for re-numbering the HO model for examples built in 1952, 1955, 1957, and 1960. An eight-page survey of C&EI’s Fruit Growers Express insulated boxcars, complete with roster, drawings, and a number of color photos, is included in the Fall 2017 edition of The C&EI Flyer magazine.

Chicago & Eastern Illinois Fruit Growers Express

The Accurail-made HO model is an insulated 40-foot plug-door boxcar with appropriate colors and lettering for a C&EI Fruit Growers Express fleet member built in 1953 by Pacific Car & Foundry.

The C&EIHS 40-foot Fruit Growers Express boxcar kit sells for $22.00, plus $8.00 shipping & handling. Additionally kits may be ordered for $22, plus $1 additionally for shipping & handling. The easy-to-assemble kit comes fully decorated.

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This article was posted on: October 23, 2017