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HO Scale Lumber Loads by Wheels of Time

Assembled and painted, this view shows a ready-for-placement example of Wheels of Time’s new HO-scale lumber loads. With a bit of effort, Wheels of Time’s plastic lumber load kit will produce a great looking load. Terry E. Cook photo

HO Scale Lumber Loads by Wheels of Time

HO ScaleIdeal for use with the company’s HO-scale flatcars, Wheels of Time’s lumber loads come in two versions. One release (#987001) retails for $22.99 and provides materials for one 62-foot flatcar model with lumber stacked five sections tall. The other offering (#987002) sells for $43.99 and includes enough plastic-molded pieces to build lumber loads for two 62-foot flatcars stacked five high or nearly three 53-foot flatcars.

On display, you see the results of Terry E. Cook’s build of Wheels of Time’s lumber load release. The assembled loads received a light coat of yellow paitn to match a general wood appearance. The wood plank ends were dabbed with a felt cloth soaked in green ink. The loads then got washed with 1-to-20 parts flat black paint-to-thinner mix to enhance wood grain and give a good overall appearance. Mr. Cook wrapped 1/64-inch black graphic arts tape around the loads with a combination of canopy glue and white glue on the underside to hold the in place security to avoid it drying out or become loose from handling. The loads were glued on top of each other to the desired height.

Terry E. Cook’s assembly of Wheels of Time’s release is only way to add these lumber loads. You’ll find extensive information on this release at Wheels of Time’s website.

Wheels of Time Lumber Loads

Built four-stacks tall to visually reach a level similar to the ends of Wheels of Time’s HO-scale 62-foot bulkhead flatcar model, this basic build and decoration illustrates what you can accomplish with this lumber load release. Terry E. Cook photo

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December 2017This article appeared in the December 2017 issue of Model Railroad News


This article was posted on: January 8, 2018