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Kato Plans GS-4 Return with SP Postwar Black Scheme

Kato Plans GS-4 Return with SP Postwar Black Scheme

N scaleKato is accepting reservations for a new production of its N-scale GS-4 4-8-4 steam locomotive for September delivery. The last time Kato produced a black Southern Pacific edition of this model was 2009. This run will present a postwar black paint scheme with large Southern Pacific lettering on the tender with two road numbers: 4433 and 4445. Kato plans a standard DC edition, pre-installed Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder version, and a release with ESU-made LokSound and DCC. The design will include electrical pickup from both drivers on the loco motive and tender wheels. The model will come with all detail parts installed, cab will include interior, and lighting will feature directional headlight with simulated Mars light function, and illuminated number boards.

Kato states pre-orders are provisional and following the December 30, 2020, cutoff for reservations a decision will be made based on the numbers regarding commencing production for a September 2021 delivery.

Kato USA, Inc.

This article was posted on: November 15, 2020