announces new run for HO-scale Rivet Counter SD40-2

Santa Fe 5136 is from the series of SD40-2s coming from for its HO-scale Rivet Counter release. There was a lot of variety in the appearance of Santa Fe’s SD40-2s, as trailing unit 5060 demonstrates with its trio of vertical lights in its nose. This grain movement was happening in the Fort Worth, Texas, area in 1983. — Bill Phillips photo, Kevin EuDaly collection announces new run for HO-scale Rivet Counter SD40-2

HO plans a winter 2021/2022 delivery for a new production of its high-quality Electro-Motive Division (EMD) SD40-2 diesel locomotive model.
The release will present five road names, each with four road numbers: CSX (SD40-3 rebuild with square cab), The Milwaukee Road (late era decoration with Hiawatha logo on nose), N de M (two-tone blue livery with orange), Norfolk Southern (horsehead logo with white background number boards and “Admiral cab”), and Santa Fe (late phase body with 123-inch snoot nose).

ABOVE: This striking revision to the road’s long-service paint scheme was The Milwaukee Road’s late era look of the 1980s with the famous Hiawatha figure on the nose and bold Milwaukee lettering on the long hood. The Milwaukee Road 194 was at Bensenville, Ill., in what looks to be a recent visit to the road’s paint shop. — K.C. Henkels photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

The fully assembled HO-scale SD40-2s will be available in standard DC setup (with 21-pin socket for conversion to digital operation) and with factory-installed Digital Command Control and ESU-made LokSound 5 audio with “Full Throttle” feature, dual-cube speakers, and more. Visit to reserve yours now.

This article was posted on: March 5, 2021