Motorman from Iowa Scaled Engineering

Motorman from Iowa Scaled Engineering

Iowa Scaled Engineering’s Motorman is an automatic reversing train shuttle controller for use with standard DC and Digital Command Control (DCC)-equipped locomotives. Using the company’s TrainSpotter infrared proximity detectors mounted at two points opposite each other on a section of track, a Motorman unit will continuously drive a locomotive back and forth, automatically stopping and reversing at each end point. The Motorman’s functionality go beyond simply back-and-forth movement, you can program a locomotive’s speed, delay time, and many other settings to create a realistic looking operation. The Motorman is ideal for display settings and also provides background animation for an operating layout to give more action to your model railroad.

The Motorman can store settings for up to 15 locomotives, offerings adjustable acceleration and deceleration times, handles DC and DCC locomotives (long- and short-address compatible, including consisting), operates up to six accessory decoders based on trigger events, includes built-in track short circuit protection, and presents an easy-to-use push-button interface with display.

ABOVE: You can add this optional Track Power Switch from Iowa Scaled Engineering and mount a Motorman unit in its faceplate. The switch provides easy management of normal and automatic operation of your trains.

Iowa Scaled Engineering offers an optional Track Power Switch designed to integrate with a Motorman unit and gives you the ability to switch between normal control and handing over operations to automation.

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