Roco adds France’s Y8000 switcher

Roco adds France’s Y8000 switcher

HO ScaleRoco’s Y8000-series diesel locomotive is a new switcher model for the European manufacturer’s line. The assembled model reproduces a two-axle unit and is based on a prototype built by Moyse in the 1970s.

The model includes separate handrails, air horns, windshield wipers, and pilot details. The handrails surrounding the hoods and cab are made of a durable flexible material. The switcher includes interior cab detail behind flush-fitting windows. Roco provides its Y8000 diesel switcher with Digital Command Control electronics and audio output.


ABOVE: This well-appointed little switcher comes with a smooth running mechanism with capacitor to provide power over rough spots on your track. 

Watch for an in-depth review by John Menges coming in the pages of Model Railroad News in 2021.

About the Author – John Menges is a regular contributor to Model Railroad News. John lives in Illinois and is an avid modeler with an interest in European prototypes. John’s reviews have appeared in the pages of Model Railroad News since 2012.





You’ll read this review in a coming edition of Model Railroad News!


This article was posted on: November 27, 2020