Thrall heavy-duty TWF10 well car and containers in HO will introduce Class One Model Works

This is an early sample of Class One Model Works’ coming HO-scale TWF10 well car and containers (sold separately). Visit the company’s website to reserve models and learn more about these first releases from this new manufacturer.

Thrall heavy-duty TWF10 well car and containers in HO will introduce Class One Model Works

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In June’s MRN, you read about Class One Model Works and learned of its first releases (an HO well car and two HO containers). The prototype for Class One Model Works’ first freight car (a June 2022 press release states the company “plans to introduce several freight cars and locomotives into the HO-scale market in the upcoming months”) is a Thrall single-unit well car used for transporting intermodal containers (such as the manufacturer’s coming 48-foot exterior post examples appearing on page 76 of this issue). This unique and uncommon well car arrived on the North American railroading scene in late 1991 with 75 examples (54000–54074) of this TWF10. This is a heavy-duty well car with increased loading capacity rating of 135,000 pounds (versus load limits of around 100,000 pounds per unit for typical well cars of this era). Class One Model Works states its research indicates 15 examples of this TWF10 remain in active service (and are decorated with the “late era” TTX Heritage logo, as will be offered among the releases for this model). These TWF10 well cars rode on interesting-looking Waggon Union-produced truck sideframes (which will be offered for the first time in HO for this new model). The trucks were developed by Trailer Train (TTX) and feature narrow spacing between the axles, with support for the heavy car moving out to the outer frame edges versus the traditional center leaf springs.

The assembled HO-scale TWF10 well car reproduction will include Thrall/Davis body-mounted brake cylinder, and additional details on the model’s ends and underframe. The well will be detailed cast metal, and crossover and walkway platforms will be etched metal (the die-cast metal attributes will ensure this well car will track trouble-free in operation whether loaded or running empty). The well section will accommodate a pair of 20-foot containers and/or single 40-, 45-, and 48-foot containers in the lower position; with the ability to handle 40-, 45-, 48-, or 53-foot containers in the upper position. Covering the TWF10’s years of service, Class One Model Works will decorate its HO release in three TTX schemes providing looks for this well car from its introduction in the 1990s through today.

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This article was posted on: August 18, 2022