Tru-Color Paint introduces paints for 3D printing and cast resin and new larger aerosols

Burlington Northern 4500 was General Electric U30C (shown in 1981 at Guernsey, Wyo.), which the railroad turned into a B-unit. Exotic prototypes were once well beyond reach for most modelers, but thanks to 3D printing and other avenues, having this type of locomotive on your roster is not impossible. Tru-Color Paints introduces new paints formulated for application to 3D printed and cast-resin shells. — Jim Altman photo, Chuck Zeiler collection

Tru-Color Paint introduces paints for 3D printing and cast resin and new larger aerosols

Tru-Color Paint’s 3D Printed & Cast Resin series of paint provides a product formulated for use on today’s 3D-printed shells and cast-resin models. The line is made for use with an air brush (direct from the bottle with no need for mixing) and specially designed to adhere to 3D-printed and cast-resin shells, parts, and models without priming.
Check Tru-Color Paint’s website for a complete list of colors in this new series. Recent additions include Burlington Northern Cascade Green (9067), BNSF Intermodal Brown (9378), and Union Pacific Armour Yellow (9026) and Harbor Mist Gray (9025).

The manufacturer’s new aerosol offerings present a 4.5-ounce can designed for the modeler spraying a large area. This size aerosol is ideal for larger model railroading scales and great for use on scenery projects on your model railroad or for diorama use. Recent colors added in Tru-Color Paint’s 4.5-ounce aerosol can include Olive Drab, Modern Haze Gray, Interior Green, and Matte Rust.
Visit your hobby dealer or go to Tru-Color Paint online to see and order from the wide variety of colors and paint types available.

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This article was posted on: September 10, 2021