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Trainworx 40ft Trailers in HO

Trainworx 40ft Trailers in HO

HO SCALE – Trainworx plans an all-new tooling 40-foot trailer for its HO line. This will be the manufacturer’s second release for the HO-scale market. This new 40-foot trailer will arrive with curb door and refrigeration unit details, as well as a version that is a dry van lacking the side door. Great Northern will be the first release for the curb- or side-door trailer model.

Trainworx’s other 40-foot trailers will deliver with Baltimore & Ohio; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; The Milwaukee Road; Missouri-Kansas-Texas; and Missouri Pacific. Three road numbers are coming for each announced road name in this release. Decorated unlettered trailers will also come in this first production. Trainworx will additionally offer custom modelers undecorated trailers in kit version for $26.95 each for either variation of the 40-foot trailer.

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This article was posted on: October 31, 2016