Tangent Scale Models expands 40-foot boxcar series

This attractive Green Bay & Western boxcar presents a 1959 as-delivered appearance with bright yellow sides on a black body. This model rides on recently tooled 50-ton ASF Ride Control roller bearing truck sideframes with rotating Timken bearing caps. There are six car numbers in this production. Note this car features a nine-foot Superior-type sliding door with different details from others with this door.

Tangent Scale Models expands 40-foot boxcar series

HO ScaleTangent Scale Models delivers another high-quality 40-foot boxcar replica to its new series of Pullman-Standard-based offerings. As you read this announcement, this new replica is going on sale from Tangent Scale Models and its dealer network.

The prototype is a Pullman-Standard PS-1 40-foot sliding door boxcar with a wide nine-foot door opening; this style freight car saw introduction in the early 1950s on North American railroads. This first production includes Chicago & North Western, Green Bay & Western, The Milwaukee Road, and Southern Railway. Each offering possesses unique attributes, from correct style doors to truck sideframes to brakewheel types.

Chicago & North Western fans have a classic scheme presented on this replica (six road numbers are available) that follows a group of boxcars joining the road in late 1956. The eye-catching Green Bay & Western release reproduces a mid-1959 addition to that road’s fleet and comes in six road numbers.

ABOVE: Tangent’s newest HO-scale Pullman-Standard 40-foot boxcar replica includes variations and road-specific features. This Milwaukee Road example includes a Camel/Youngstown sliding door and rides on roller bearing trucks with rotating caps.

The Milwaukee Road example includes the only Camel/Youngstown version sliding door in this group and the details and livery match a 1961 batch of boxcars that came on 50-ton Barber S-2 roller bearing trucks (which are reproduced for this release’s dozen road numbers and also found on Tangent’s Green Bay & Western releases).

ABOVE: This Southern Railway release represents the earliest prototype reproduced for this production of HO-scale replicas. These replicas duplicate a 1951 car that was the first PS-1 40-foot with a nine-foot door.

The releases decorated and detailed for Southern Railway, a dozen road numbers in all, represent replicas of the first PS-1 boxcars to include a nine-foot sliding door (many 40-foot boxcars of the era include six-, seven-, or eight-foot openings). This release provides six road numbers with “11-51” build date and the other six featuring “12-51” build date information. Undecorated kits are available for these and other styles; visit Tangent Scale Models online or inquire with your hobby dealer for more information.

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This article was posted on: May 29, 2021