Amtrak station is new from Menards Collectibles in O scale

This fully assembled O-gauge Amtrak station is part of the ever-growing Menards Collectibles series of model train releases. The building includes easy-to-connect to factory-installed lighting features and includes figures and details (mailbox, trash receptacle, planters, and schedule board) shown in this image.

Amtrak station is new from Menards Collectibles in O scale

O ScaleMenards Collectibles introduces an O-gauge Amtrak station (279-4523), which is a fully assembled and decorated modern-design structure. The building presents a compact footprint of 9.5 by 6 inches and will fit most any model railroad empire.

The building walls and support columns present a smooth poured-concrete appearance, as does the decorated base. The bright red overhanging roof includes factory-installed lighting. The station includes a connection port on one side for easy hookup to a power source. The interior of the station has a pre-wired drop-down pigtail plug that will connect to Menards’ 4.5-volt power supply. These power supplies include three versions (279-4061, 279-4062, and 279-4050). You can view these separately sold power supply units on Menards’ website. To connect multiple accessories in line with a power supply, Menards offers its 9-piece Plug & Play Accessory Kit (279-4681), which includes cables and connectors and sells for under $20.

ABOVE: This Amtrak station in Schenectady, N.Y. was newly constructed and put into service in the 1970s. Menards Collectibles new O-gauge Amtrak station that follows this general appearance and provides your 1:48 travelers with a modern rail station for your railroad. — John Bartley photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

This limited edition Amtrak station carries a $79.99 regular selling price, features four electronic Amtrak lighted animated signs (one on every side of the building), 30 LEDs provide lighting surrounding the building, and the release includes four figures, luggage, air conditioning units on the roof, and of course the store’s mascot “Jack the German shepherd” figure.

ABOVE: Like other offerings in the line, Menards Collectibles’ O-scale Amtrak station includes LED lighting. On this release, the Amtrak sign over the entrance includes animation effect (see the store’s website to view a video demonstrating these feature).

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This article was posted on: March 4, 2021