Atlas Launches Trainkids Collection

Atlas launches its Trainkids line with Amtrak’s Acela. This toy train operates on batteries, connects together via interior magnets, and runs on HO-scale plastic roadbed track. In addition to running on its own track, your young engineer can operate this Atlas Trainkids equipment on any HO model railroad.

Atlas Launches Trainkids Collection

Atlas expands its hobby product catalog with a new “Trainkids” line recommended for ages four and up. The first offerings from Atlas Trainkids present Amtrak’s high-speed Acela passenger train. Atlas Trainkids’ Passenger Train Set (15 000 000) provides everything a child needs to get set up with their own miniature railroad. The Acela set features toy-like proportions and is designed to operate on its own track; the track is gauged to HO-scale and thus this Atlas Trainkids Acela passenger train set can also operate on regular HO-scale model railroads.

Atlas Trainkids Amtrak Acela

The set includes an Amtrak Acela powered locomotive and First-Class car, cafe car, Business-Class car, and unpowered locomotive. The powered locomotive and First Class car are permanently connected and include the train’s mechanism and batteries (safely secured from young operators).

Atlas Trainkids Amtrak AcelaThis miniature Acela train includes forward-and-reverse movement, headlight, horn, bell, and “Welcome Aboard” announcement. Atlas provides its Trainkids’ set with a handheld remote with simple buttons featuring graphics telling the user what each button does. The set’s consist connects together magnetically. The ends of the cars include magnets that simply snap together.

The train operates around a provided loop of plastic track sections. The dozen curved pieces and four straight sections of gray-plastic roadbed track will build a 38 x 56- inch oval layout. The durable track easily snaps together and just as simply disconnects for storage.

Atlas Trainkids Amtrak Acela

The new Atlas Trainkids releases include a train set and several separately sold items. You can purchase the powered locomotive and First-Class Car with remote and add-on Business-Class Quiet Car models . The set’s oval track plan can be turned into a Figure-8 with an available track expansion pack.

Atlas Trainkids Amtrak AcelaSeparate release items from Atlas include the powered locomotive and First-Class car with remote control (15 000 002). A separately sold Acela Business-Class Quiet car (15 000 003) allows for expansion of the set’s consist. The add-on car sells for around $10 and the starter set lists for below $100.

You can build on the train set’s oval track plan with a Figure-8 Expansion Pack (15 000 001). This Atlas Trainkids’ track set provides a 30-degree crossing section and four curved track pieces. When you combine this expansion set with the set’s track pieces a Figure-8 can be built for operating your Acela service.

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This article was posted on: November 15, 2019