Bachmann announces Siemens Charger Locomotive and S70 Light Rail Vehicle in HO

Bachmann announces Siemens Charger Locomotive and S70 Light Rail Vehicle in HO

July 2019Bachmann announces plans for three all-new HO-scale models based on contemporary Siemens Mobility prototypes. Bachmann recently delivered Siemens’ ACS-64 electric locomotive model in HO scale. The three new Siemens models Bachmann plans will provide miniature versions of the Charger SC-44 passenger diesel locomotive, S70 light rail vehicle, and single-level main line passenger car.

Bachmann plans for a full-featured 1:87 reproduction of Siemens’ Charger diesel-electric and S70 light rail vehicle. Similar to the detail level delivered for the HO Siemens ACS-64 “Sprinter”electric locomotive (see January 2019 Model Railroad News review), Bachmann will provide its Siemens Charger and S70 releases with Digital Command Control electronics, sound out put , and accurate lighting features.

Siemens S70

Siemens Mobility’s S70 light rail vehicle is fast becoming a common sight in commuter transit in many cities in the U.S. This Siemens illustration shows an S70 example. Bachmann plans to produce S70 light rail vehicles and single-level passenger car models for HO scale with deliveries beginning in 2020.

Siemens’ SC-44 was the first production model in the Charger series and arrived in 2016 with revenue service for Amtrak beginning in 2017. The four-axle diesel locomotive measures a lenghty 71 feet and rides on 44-inch wheels. Operators of this 21st century passenger diesel include not only Amtrak and many of its corridor partners, but also Maryland’s MARC service and Virgin Trains USA. Amtrak recently announced plans for purchase of 75 Chargers. VIA Rail Canada ordered 32 Siemens trainsets with Charger diesel locomotives in late 2018.

Siemens SC-44

Siemens 4601 is an example of a Charger SC-44 diesel locomotive. This view shows the locomotive during evaluation at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s test track facility in Colorado. — Siemens photo

Bachmann’s Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Rich Janyszek stated, “Combining Siemens’ acclaimed designs and Bachmann’s modeling expertise, all three products will be sure to thrill any hobbyists who model in the modern era.” Watch for more information on Bachmann’s three HO-scale model projects based on Siemens Mobility prototypes in future editions of Model Railroad News.

July 2019This announcement appeared in the July 2019 issue of Model Railroad News

This article was posted on: June 20, 2019