Bachmann will release “Day 1” Amtrak 50th Anniversary Charger in HO scale

Bachmann will release “Day 1” Amtrak 50th Anniversary Charger in HO scale

HO ScaleBachmann Trains will release an HO-scale ALC-42 Charger 301, Amtrak’s newly announced locomotive, in a special-edition paint scheme honoring the company’s 50th anniversary of operation in late 2021.

Locomotive 301 in its “Day 1” livery will be produced in limited quantities and available only by pre-order through retailers carrying Bachmann products. The new Amtrak locomotive features a modified design from the SC-44 Charger currently in service on some state-supported lines which will be reflected in Bachmann’s upcoming model, including a new locomotive nose and remodeled headlights.

Bachmann’s locomotive will be released following the successful launch of its HO-scale SC-44 Charger locomotive. Features will include a robust DCC WOWSound audio package from Train Control Systems (TCS) that accurately reproduces all the prototype’s sounds. Every sound feature was field recorded by TCS and Bachmann. Designated ALC-42 for “Amtrak Long-distance Charger, 4,200-horsepower,” the locomotive will serve as the “new face of Amtrak” and is set to replace the current long-distance diesel fleet. The ALC-42 will feature a greater fuel capacity than the SC-44 for longer routes and increased power-generating capacity for longer trains. Visit to learn more about the upcoming locomotive in HO scale.

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This article was posted on: March 24, 2021