Baggage Cars in N scale from RailSmith Models

One of a dozen baggage car models available from RailSmith Models is this Atlantic Coast Line release.

Baggage Cars in N scale from RailSmith Models

N scale – RailSmith Models has released twelve new baggage cars. These 72-foot N-scale models follow the design of Pullman-Standard built prototypes from the mid-1940s, specifically for the Chicago Great Western. RailSmith Models continues its “Build-a-Train” concept introduced two years ago after purchasing the tools from Wm. K. Walthers and is offering several liveries for this baggage car to match up with past and future releases in this series.

ABOVE: Great Northern 277 presents the road’s famous Empire Builder scheme and includes storage mail label. This version of RailSmith Models’ baggage car lacks skirting and presents smooth sides.

The manufacturer’s plan is to create classic passenger car consists for trains that have never before been produced in N scale. You can learn more RailSmith Models’ website. Trains in this series include Texas Special, City of San Francisco, Florida Special, Empire Builder, and North Coast Limited. Those name train sets now have six to 10 cars released since the program began in 2018.

ABOVE: Rio Grande cars include fluting along the lower half of the car sides and come in this four-stripe scheme (D&RGW 1210) and a later era single-stripe (D&RGW 1211) look.

The fully assembled N-scale models come equipped with smooth-rolling metal wheels and knuckle couplers. The releases include Atlantic Coast Line (150 and 151) with fluted sides and skirting; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (1002) with smooth sides and no skirting; Denver & Rio Grande Western (1210 four-stripe and 1211 single-stripe) with fluting along the lower side panels and skirting below the sill; Great Northern (277 and 278) smooth-side body with no skirting; Northern Pacific (406 and 408 Loewy scheme) with smooth sides and no skirting; Santa Fe (silver 3847 and gray scheme 3913), and Southern Pacific (gray scheme 6619 and 6664) smooth-side body with no skirting.

ABOVE: This Santa Fe baggage car model from RailSmith Models shows a later era look with skirting removed below the sill. 

This article was posted on: October 6, 2020