Brick Model Railroader’s SD40-2

Brick Model Railroader’s SD40-2

There are four Premium Instructions releases now available from Brick Model Railroader for building your own LEGO-based SD40-2 diesel locomotive. The guide is a color illustrated manual and with it the company includes a selection of specialty pieces and items necessary to build this brick reproduction. The four guides include multiple styles of SD40-2s for each road name (Burlington Northern, BNSF, Conrail, and Norfolk Southern).

ABOVE: Here’s the “horsehead” scheme Norfolk Southern decal set available from Brick Model Railroader. This is one of several available for SD40-2s.

You can purchase decal sets (shown below) from Brick Model Railroader to complete your project with authentic lettering and labels. Visit Brick Model Railroader online to learn more and buy products.

Brick Model Railroader

This article was posted on: April 30, 2021