Gapster from Fast Tracks

There are two versions of Fast Tracks’ Gapster. Shown is the 1/16-inch size, you’ll also find a 1/32-inch gap filing jig.

Gapster from Fast Tracks

ACCESSORIES – Check out this handy new tool from Fast Tracks. The Gapster makes adding isolation gaps onto the surface of 1/16-inch and 1/32-inch thick PC board ties a snap! The turnout tie is held in place in a slot in the aluminum jig, while a triangle file is guided by an angled slot, perpendicular to the PC board tie. The slot is just deep enough to ensure only the foil of the PC board tie is cut, creating a nice, clean gap in the tie. One or two quick passes with the file and the job is done. Works for all sizes of 1/16-inch and 1/32-inch PC board turnout ties.

You can order your Gapster now from Fast Tracks online for $14.95.

Fast Tracks
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This article was posted on: September 18, 2020