Kato’s flat-radiator SD70M returns in N scale

Southern Pacific 9821 is on southbound CHPBM (Chicago-Pine Bluff) manifest on the former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio at Bloomington, Ill., on an August evening in 1994. –Steve Smedley photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Kato’s flat-radiator SD70M returns in N scale

N — Kato’s SD70M diesel locomotive model is back with four road names: CSX, Norfolk Southern, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific. This six-axle Electro-Motive Division prototype arrived on North American rails in the 1990s and examples remain in service today.

Above: Kato plans a March 2021 delivery for CSX SD70M models.

Kato’s model comes assembled with a dual-flywheel drive mechanism and Digital Command Control (DCC)-friendly electronics. The standard DC release can be converted to DCC with drop-in compatible decoders from Digitrax and Train Control Systems. The model includes directional LED lighting, Kato’s magnetic knuckle coupler, preprinted number boards, and more.
For those looking for DCC as factory-installed options, Kato provides a silent digital version with Digitrax decoder and SD70Ms are available with ESU-made LokSound DCC for digital control and audio output.

Above: Featuring the road’s final livery with speed lettering presentation of Southern Pacific on the long hood, Kato will present three road numbers for its N-scale SD70M decorated for SP for April 2021 delivery.

The base, standard DC Kato SD70M carries a $125 suggested retail price. The CSX and Southern Pacific SD70Ms are due spring 2021. You’ll find Kato’s Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific offerings arriving by the end of the 2020. Check with your hobby dealer for more information or visit Kato online.

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This article was posted on: October 17, 2020