Canadian RDCs from Rapido Trains

A late October 2020 delivery brings a series of Canadian road names for Rapido Trains’ high-quality HO-scale Budd RDC models.

Canadian RDCs from Rapido Trains

HO – Rapido Trains presents Canadian RDC (Rail Diesel Car) models with several body styles and production phases present in this October 2020 delivery. The models come fully assembled and are available in silent, standard DC version or with factory-installed Digital Command Control and sound. The Canadian railroads represented in this Rapido Trains production include British Columbia Railway, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, and VIA Rail Canada.

Above: Four Budd Rail Diesel Cars make up the southbound Dayliner at Lillooet, British Columbia, on August 13, 1983. In the lead is RDC-3 BC-33, followed by RDC-1 BC-11, RDC-1 BC-12, and RDC-3 BC-31. This consist is the combination of two pairs of RDCs; one came up from North Vancouver on the morning’s northbound run and the other came down from Prince George. The four RDCs will run south to North Vancouver. – Kevin EuDaly photo

The attractive British Columbia Railway offerings from Rapido Trains include RDC-3 examples. You’ll find Phase 2 body RDC-3s decorated with green and yellow and lettered for Pacific Great Eastern (the road traded-in its PGE name for British Columbia Railway in 1972 and BC Rail in 1984). The 1970s Dogwood scheme British Columbia Railway RDC-3s feature Phase 2 body styling and like the PGE releases, there are three road numbers for these models too.

Above: This Canadian National RDC-1 is a Phase 2, spotted by the high-mount headlight among other features, and wears the road’s “wet noodle” livery as it operates in a trio consist of RDCs in the Toronto area in 1968. – Jim Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Rapido Trains offers Canadian National RDC-1s in as-delivered scheme with Phase 1b body, and red ends “wet noodle” livery RDC-1s with Phase 2 body. The October 2020 batch of RDC-2 models includes Canadian National’s as-delivered look with Phase 2 body and later “wet noodle” scheme with red ends and Phase 2 body. Ready to carry mail and people, RDC-3s are offered in Canadian National’s as-delivered livery and “wet noodle” look, both feature Phase 2 body styling.

Above: The eye-catching “hockey mask” ends make for exciting looking Budd RDCs, this pair features CP Rail lettering and multimark logo in this August 1975 view. -Jim Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

For Canadian Pacific enthusiasts, Rapdio Trains has RDC-1 models with “hockey mask” ends with maroon boards with gold “Canadian Pacific” lettering over the window section on the sides of the units in Phase 1b body style and later CP Rail version of the “hockey mask” look with Action Red boards on the sides and Phase 2 bodies. RDC-2 models (featuring baggage door near one end) decorated for Canadian Pacific include Phase 2 examples with maroon and gold striping, and “hockey mask” livery with Action Red and CP Rail lettering (also Phase 2 body). RDC-3 releases for Canadian Pacific include the early maroon and gold with stripes on the unit ends (Phase 1b and 1c body styling), and Phase 1c body RDC-3s in Action Red with “hockey mask” ends.

Above: Arriving in the late 1970s and assuming much of Canada’s rail transportation runs, VIA Rail operated RDCs. This pair (RDC-2 and RDC) were at Brockville, Ontario, in early 1988. – Jackie McNeil photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

VIA Rail Canada offerings include early scheme RDC-1 units with Phase 2 body styling, baggage-door equipped RDC-2s (also wearing early VIA blue and yellow livery) with Phase 2 bodies, and RDC-3 units with Phase 2 bodies in early VIA decoration. As with other road names in Rapido’s production, select models are offered with no road number in addition to multiple road numbers available for each road name.

Below: Take a look at Rapido Trains’ Canadian roads in this October 2020 RDC production and join Drew at NorDel Model Railroad Club with MRN editor Tony Cook as they look over the “Master Class” information on these Budd RDCs and the new models in this video:


September 2020Rapido Trains includes a “Master Class” presentation on its website for Budd’s RDC series and the hobby manufacturer’s HO-scale models. The September 2020 issue of Railfan & Railroad magazine included an RDC theme with a complete roster for all body styles in Justin Franz and Otto Vondrak’s “RDC Update” article. In addition, this special issue presented Kevin EuDaly’s memories of seeing British Columbia Railway RDCs in the early 1980s.


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