Logic Rail Technologies introduces second generation Signal and Block Animator offerings

Here’s Logic Rail Technologies second generation releases for its Signal Animator/2 (green board on left) and Block Animator/2 (blue board on right).

Logic Rail Technologies introduces second generation Signal and Block Animator offerings

Logic Rail Technologies announces a second generation release for the company’s Signal Animator and Block Animator offerings.

The Signal Animator/2 circuit animates a block signal using a single sensor (photocell or infrared components). When the sensor is covered the signal turns red. After the train clears the sensor the signal will change to yellow using a user-adjustable time delay on the circuit board. After another delay the signal returns to green. The new Signal Animator/2 features a random mode (simulate phantom train traffic) and improved infrared detection. Prices start at $21.95 for Logic Rail Technologies’ Signal Animator/2 and this unit is applicable for use across model railroading scales.

Logic Rail Technologies also announces a second generation of the company’s Block Animator. This circuit recreates near-prototypical signal behavior and controls two, 3-aspect independent signal heads with bi-directional detection. It supports approach lighting (signals dark until train approaches) and “TrueLens2” which duplicates the red flicker when a searchlight signal goes from yellow to green. The new Block Animator/2 has a user-adjustable time delay, improved infrared detection, a flashing yellow aspect, and signal aspect fading to represent older prototype signals. Prices start at $39.95 for the Block Animator/2.

You can order these items, learn more about them, and see the complete catalog of products offered by visit Logic Rail Technologies online.

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This article was posted on: January 4, 2021