New Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive releases include Beyer-Garratt, Plymouth, and Vulcan volumes

Ron’s Books/Silverlake Images continues its Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive series. This collection of softbound 8 1/2 x 11 inch releases reproduces vintage equipment catalogs.

The 11th release in the series, Vulcan Locomotives, covers gas-powered examples across more than 100 pages and is the first volume of a sub-series in the line.

A first installment for Plymouth Locomotives is the 13th release in the series. You’ll see what buyers saw when selecting these critter switchers and you’ll discover prototypes for several popular models across more than 80 pages.

ABOVE: This shovel-nose Plymouth is a WDT 6-wheel 35-ton model. 

England’s Beyer-Garratt is the subject of the 14th book in the series. Beyer-Garratt Articulated Locomotives includes 190 pages.

ABOVE: A page from a vintage Beyer-Garratt catalog shows its products at work on South African Railways.

Ron’s Books/Silverlake Images

This article was posted on: April 16, 2021