Postcard Campaign Pays Off: MLW M-420 Coming from Rapido Trains

Postcard Campaign Pays Off: MLW M-420 Coming from Rapido Trains

HO ScaleRapido Trains announces plans for an HO-scale Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) M-420 diesel locomotive release. This trend-setting prototype debuted in 1973 and helped introduce the Canadian Safety Cab. As its done for other high-end releases, Rapido Trains sent a team out to perform a 3D scan of an M-420 prototype to ensure authenticity of its presentation of an HO replica of this four-axle unit.

Rapido PostcardsThe release will come with Rapido’s innovative metal side handrails with plastic stanchions, two- or three-panel radiators, louvered or large opening electrical cabinet door, and open or closed truck bearings (depending on model). Of special note, the model’s front cab door will be positionable and will be able to be placed open or closed.

The fully assembled HO-scale M-420 will include operating LED headlights, rear lights, tri-color classification lights, and illuminated cab control stand.

Rapido Trains plans to tackle Canadian National M-420s in its initial production run with examples coming from the road’s MR-20b and MR-20c classes. In addition, Rapido Trains will provide a limited quantity of undecorated M-420 releases. Check the manufacturer’s website for details on paint schemes and announced road numbers or inquire with your hobby dealer for this information. Reservations are recommended for this first run of MLW M-420 diesel locomotives from Rapido Trains.

MLW M-420

These images present an early sample of Rapido Trains’ tooling, still being finalized, for its coming HO-scale M-420 diesel lo-comotive release. The first release will focus on Canadian National prototypes with multiple road numbers and paint scheme variations. Rapido Trains plans different styles of electrical cabinet door de-tails; this preproduction sample shows the later cabinet design though the unit carries road number 2530, which possessed the early style cabinet. Production models will sport properly matched road numbers and details.

The model will come in standard DC release with 21-pin socket for conversion to Digital Command Control (DCC), and examples will come equipped with DCC and Train Control Systems sound units. The model will feature a new coreless drive motor with dual flywheels, and metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers. For more on MLW’s 1970s four-axle M-420, you’ll find a Prototype Profile section on the next page presenting Canadian National and other owners and variants to this interesting diesel locomotive model.

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This article was posted on: June 16, 2020