Tangent Scale Models Tank Cars

Tangent Scale Models Tank Cars

HO scale – Tangent Scale Models expands its line with a trio of new looks for its HO-scale General American tank car. The replica is a 10,000-gallon prototype reproducing a 1917-design radial-course style tank car. The releases include Allied Chemical, Sinclair, and Sunburst Refining.

ABOVE: Sinclair releases depict 1947 prototypes (stencil service date), and 1920 car build date. 

The fully assembled and highly detailed tank car reproduces a prototype, which debuted on North American railroads around the conclusion of World War I. The radial-course design refers to the overlapping sections making up the 10,000-gallon tank. Examples of this single-dome tank car remained in service through the 1960s. Variations on Tangent’s releases include accurate representation of brake styles (KC or AB type) with correct brakewheel type. Replicas come equipped with or without Cardwell draft sill springs (depending on prototype usage).

ABOVE: The oldest prototype in the group is Tangent’s Sunburst of Great Falls, Mont., which went into service in 1920.

In addition to these decoration examples, Tangent Scale Models offers an assembled black tank car replica ready for lettering. You’ll also find an undecorate kit version offered for this General American 1917-design 10,000-gallon radial-course tank car. Check Tangent Scale Models online for additional information and availability.

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This article was posted on: September 6, 2020