The N Scale Enthusiast announces BNSF, NS, and UP special releases

Inspired by Norfolk Southern’s specially decorated rebuilt diesel locomotives, The N Scale Enthusiast offers a set of 50-foot boxcars wearing this “horse head mane” livery with each featuring its own color.

The N Scale Enthusiast announces BNSF, NS, and UP special releases

N scaleThe N Scale Enthusiast always has eye-catching limited edition models for collectors. There are several N-scale coil car projects currently available for ordering. Atlas’ high-quality modern coil car model serves as the base for three releases exclusive to The N Scale Enthusiast.

ABOVE: This contemporary BNSF logo and paint scheme will be presented by The N Scale Enthusiast in a limited edition set of three coil cars. Collectors will also find a single coil car offering with this look.

There are two versions of BNSF coil cars. The pictured BNSF example above is dressed in contemporary Heritage III orange and black scheme with “wedge” logo. The N Scale Enthusiast also has a BNSF coil car in Heritage II dress with Cooper-typeface lettering and early circle-cross herald on orange with green hoods riding on a silver car. The N Scale Enthusiast’s BNSF coil cars are available in sets of three and you can purchase single car models.

ABOVE: Another N-scale coil car project from The N Scale Enthusiast presents Union Pacific examples. Following on the heels of the highly popular Union Pacific heritage scheme set of cars, this new offering will be available in single and pair release.

The other Atlas-made coil car offering features Union Pacific decoration. This latest Union Pacific coil car makes a great addition to the popular UP Heritage coil cars delivered in early 2021. You can buy these coil cars in a 2-pack set or as a single model release.

For Norfolk Southern fans, The N Scale Enthusiast has a set of three modern 50-foot boxcars with decoration inspired by the road’s rebuilt diesels with colorful “horse mane” liveries. The set includes a red, yellow, and blue version of this look presented on a Micro-Trains produced sliding door gray boxcar with NS herald and U.S. flag.

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This article was posted on: February 23, 2021