ACF hi-cube waffle boxcar coming in HO scale from Moloco Trains

This 1970s era hi-cube boxcar with double plug doors and waffle sides will be a highly detailed Moloco Trains release in HO scale.

ACF hi-cube waffle boxcar coming in HO scale from Moloco Trains

HO ScaleMoloco Trains announces another all-new boxcar for its line. The model will reproduce American Car & Foundry’s (ACF) mid-1970s version of a 70-ton hi-cube boxcar with waffle side design. Moloco’s research into this prototype states its an enhanced design of a car ACF originally introduced in 1971.

ABOVE: This builder’s photo shows Chicago & Eastern Illinois 364756 in new condition in 1973. In addition to this as-delivered C&EI look, Moloco will do a patched MoPac version. — Missouri Pacific Historical Society Archives collection

The car served paper industry needs and worked across the U.S. and Canada. Railroads operating this boxcar type included Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI); Frisco (SL-SF); and Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern (TO&E) with examples becoming roster members of Burlington Northern and BNSF (ex-Frisco), Missouri Pacific (ex-C&EI), and Montana Rail Link. The waffle exterior aided lading band anchor equipment on the car’s interior. The first production from Moloco Trains is being prepared for release in the next 12 months with multiple road numbers for each road name, and variations to fine details across the run of offerings. Check Moloco Trains website for additional information and to order this coming HO boxcar.

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This article was posted on: February 6, 2021