Apogee Loco Works offers Boxcab and more in HO

Shown mounted to a Bachmann 44-ton switcher chassis is Apogee Loco Works’ Alco-GE-IR Boxcab diesel shell. The manufacturer offers two versions of the early diesel prototype.

Apogee Loco Works offers Boxcab and more in HO

HO scale — Apogee Loco Works designs and produces resin printed shells in HO scale. The company’s subjects include unique and diverse prototypes of early diesel and industrial switchers.
As collectors will confirm, the early Alco-General Electric (GE)-Ingersol Rand (IR) Boxcab is a challenging model to obtain in HO. Though produced for several years by Roundhouse, these diesel pioneers fetch high prices today and you still have to tackle providing a good running mechanism should you desire to operate a Boxcab on your railroad.

ABOVE: Apogee’s second Boxcab (7BC) will mount with screws to Bachmann’s GE 70-ton diesel switcher chassis. The shell comes with two inserts to provide headlights on the ends of the unit.

Apogee Loco Works produces two models that follow this Alco-GE-IR prototype. One version snaps on Bachmann’s 44-ton switcher chassis. This shell comes with two optional side doors and front headlight pieces. The second Boxcab presents a modified version designed to fit Bachmann’s 70-ton diesel switcher chassis. This release includes two headlight inserts and the shell will mount via screws to sockets in Bachmann’s mechanism.

ABOVE: This is Apogee’s Pennsylvania Power & Light Company’s Fireless locomotive shell mounted to Bachmann’s 0-6-0 Porter chassis. These locos were common at power plants and would be loaded with steam and set to work until empty.

An eye-catching addition to a large industrial concern or power plant is Apogee’s Pennsylvania Power & Light Company Fireless locomotive shell. This resin printed model comes ready to mount to Bachmann’s 0-6-0 Porter chassis. This interesting locomotive features an open cab, rivet detail on the boiler, access hatches, and diamond-plate tread on walkways.

ABOVE: Here’s an illustration for a new addition to Apogee’s line, a 50-ton Whitcomb industrial switcher. This two-axle critter is quite small and Apogee’s recommendation is to employ NorthWest Short Line’s Stanton drives. The model includes slots for LED placement in the lights on both hoods.

Apogee Loco Works is adding to its roster with a 50-ton Whitcomb centercab critter. These shell releases are available direct for the company and sell for $45 each. Visit Apogee Loco Works online to see additional images and find out more information. The company maintains an active Facebook presence with updates and previews of projects.

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This article was posted on: October 10, 2020