East Coast Circuits’ Custom Lighted Dodge Chargers in HO

East Coast Circuits provides custom light packages installed in vehicle models. This is Ricko’s HO-scale Dodge Charger police cruiser with custom lights.

East Coast Circuits’ Custom Lighted Dodge Chargers in HO

HO scale – East Coast Circuits announces holiday season 2020 availability for its HO-scale custom lighted Dodge Charger vehicles. East Coast Circuits takes Ricko’s stock 1:87 reproduction and installs a custom light package.

ABOVE: This is East Coast Circuits’ HO-scale Police Cruiser Dodge Charger showing its operating light bar on roof, back window LEDs, and working taillights with strobe pattern.

There are eight different models, including Fire, Police, and Sheriff. The vehicles accept a 9-to-12 volt DC power source and East Coast Circuits technology provides a variety of animations, including six flashing patterns with more than a dozen LEDs, working headlights (that emit strobe pattern), front passenger side windshield flashing LEDs, operating light bar on roof, illuminated taillights (that emit strobe pattern), and more.

ABOVE: This Fire Rescue Dodge Charger shows off its working headlights and front passenger windshield red and blue LEDs.

Find out about these East Coast Circuits custom lighted HO-scale Dodge Charger vehicles by visiting the company’s website.

HO-scale Custom Lighted Dodge Chargers

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This article was posted on: October 9, 2020