Bethgon coal gondola under $20 from’s HO-scale Operator Bethgon coal gondola will present an economical example of this common contemporary unit train coal hauler.

Bethgon coal gondola under $20 from

HO scale — will present an Operator Bethgon coal gondola car model that will be a simplified version of its highly detailed Conrail G52X coal gondola models offered in the Rivet Counter line. This Operator version will come with plastic body comprised of separate end sheets, and side bearing supports with separately applied details, which will include brake cylinder and arm, air reservoir, control valve, brake wheel, and brake wheel housing. The model will ride on ASF “Motion Control” 100-ton trucks fitted with 36-inch metal wheels and you’ll find body-mounted, semi-scale knuckle couplers included on this assembled release. The first production will present six offerings with multiple road numbers for each. Individual models sell for a bit more than $20 each, offers a quantity discount for purchases of six of more coal gondolas which reduces the price per model to $19.99.

The first production for’s Operator Bethgon coal gondola models will include six road names: American Electric Power Company (AEPX reporting marks on car with black and yellow vertical bands), Burlington Northern, BNSF (early circle-cross herald), Conrail, CSX, and Union Pacific. Each road name offering will include six unique road numbers.

Owners of’s Operator series Bethgon coal gondola models will be able to enhance the appearance of the cars with a separately sold detail kit (SXT81625). The $8.99 release will include more than 40 detail parts and step-by-step instructions for placement of these features on this HO-scale model. Items coming in this Bethgon coal gondola detail kit will include 24 grab irons in five different styles, trainline hoses, brake details and piping, and couple cut bars, and more.

In addition, will offer coal loads for this Operator Bethgon coal gondola in two styles: offset (SXT81340) and symmetrical (SXT81341). The coal loads will be made to fit either Operator or Rivet Counter models and will come in pairs for $4.99 per set. Visit for specifics on road names and paint schemes, as well as pricing information. These models can be ordered direct from the manufacturer or check with a participating dealer for the latest information.

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This article was posted on: October 8, 2020