Bluford Shops will have new run for N-scale Pullman-Standard High Cubes

Introduced in the 1960s for auto parts service, these giant 86-foot boxcars see other jobs. Note the “XF” label on the yellow Chicago & North Western car for food loading. These freight cars also haul appliances and other bulky items. Norfolk Southern in contemporary dress will be included in this production.

Bluford Shops will have new run for N-scale Pullman-Standard High Cubes

N scaleBluford Shops plans a new production for its Pullman-Standard high cube for delivery during the second half of 2022. The fully assembled N-scale 86-foot excess-height boxcars will arrive in 11 road names with multiple car numbers for each. In addition, select road names will feature variation to lettering. The coming Conrail and Norfolk Southern examples will include variation to presentation of road name and/or other decoration on the car sides (visit Bluford Shops online for details).

The releases will present a mix of eras from 1960s early looks to contemporary dress for these massive double-door high cubes. The roads with releases favoring the look from the late 1960s and into the 1980s will include Canadian Pacific; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton; Grand Trunk Western; Norfolk & Western; Penn Central; and Western Pacific. More current looks for this boxcar will be found on coming Chicago & North Western, Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Santa Fe releases. This high-quality N-scale high cube boxcar carries a $36.95 suggested retail price, and comes equipped with metal wheels and knuckle couplers.

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This article was posted on: August 6, 2021