Project Nike collection from The N Scale Enthusiast

Project Nike collection from The N Scale Enthusiast

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The N Scale Enthusiast’s U.S. Army Project Nike series includes a trio of N-scale flatcars with missile loads. In the 1950s, responding to the threat of bombers armed with nuclear weapons, U.S. Army and Air Force branches deployed a fleet of interceptor missiles to protect American cities and military installations. The first system includes an Ajax missile in 1953, this was followed by a larger and faster Hercules missile in 1958, and Zeus missile system by 1959.

Micro-Trains is producing each of the three mentioned missiles mounted in a simulated launcher, and paired with a hardware crate. This hand decorated load is placed on a green U.S. Army flatcar. This Project Nike series is a limited-run offering available exclusively from The N Scale Enthusiast. Check availability and pricing, and see other exclusive and special run releases by visiting The N Scale Enthusiast’s website.

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This article was posted on: August 7, 2021