Bowser GMD SD40-2s in HO scale

At first glance, you might spot these six-axle diesels to be regular Electro-Motive Division SD40-2s; however, on closer examination you’ll note their Canadian characteristics. These lease service schemes Helm (HLCX) and First Union (FURX) show their heritage with bell mounted between the number boards over the front windshield with classification lights on the upper outer corners of the number board panel.

Bowser GMD SD40-2s in HO scale

HO ScaleBowser’s recent Executive Line SD40-2 diesel locomotive models replicate General Motors Diesel (GMD) Canadian prototype of this extremely popular “Dash 2” six-axle unit.

The Canadian railways represented include Algoma Central (185, 186, and 188); CP Rail with small multi-mark and “elephant ears” over the radiator section (5639 and 5640); and Quebec, North Shore & Labrador (251 and 261). Secondary owners of these GMD SD40-2s are represented with two leaser scheme models First Union or FURX (3050 and 3052) and Helm Leasing with HCLX reporting marks (6219 and 6225). Also in this production are two numbers for Marquette Rail, owned by Genesee & Wyoming and wearing their corporate orange image in a single road number: 3390.

ABOVE: The rear headlights (single lens on the silver and green First Union and high-mounted double lens on the maroon with blue Helm SD40-2 are common Canadian features. Bowser includes an amazing amount of details on this Executive Line HO-scale reproduction, including plows, hoses, and coupler cut levers on pilots, air intake hood and larger tank on the Helm unit and uncommon end railings on the First Union release. These are interesting later looks for GMD’s SD40-2 and can make appearances in a variety of locations, as they are lease service motive power.

These fully assembled HO-scale SD40-2s feature a wealth of separately applied details and road accurate features. Bowser offers this diesel locomotive model in standard DC version (with 21-pin socket for conversion to digital operations) and with factory-installed Digital Command Control and sound output featuring ESU’s LokSound electronics.

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This article was posted on: March 20, 2021