San Juan Model Co. delivers third release of HO American Limited GATC tank car

Among the road names in this release, you’ll find Spokane, Portland & Seattle with eight road numbers.

San Juan Model Co. delivers third release of HO American Limited GATC tank car

HO ScaleSan Juan Model Co. has a third production available for its American Limited-brand HO-scale welded tank car model. This well-appointed reproduction follows a General American (GATC) prototype and this release presents Northern Pacific (NP); Spokane, Portland & Seattle (SP&S); and Santa Fe offerings. This HO tank car model includes 10 major feature variants spread across the collection of three road names. The varying details to look for include multiple walkway styles, which include early or as-delivered high walkways with body-mounted handrails and rebuilt versions with walkways cut and safety handrails lowered on sides of the tank. The as-delivered tank cars ride on Bettendorf trucks and later era replicas come with 70-ton roller bearing truck sideframes with spinning bearing caps. The body-mounted knuckle coupler provided includes a conventional looking example or lower-shelf coupler, as per prototype.

ABOVE: Northern Pacific 102000 represents an early, as-delivered look for this GATC prototype and comes with friction-style Bettendorf trucks.

This is the first time this model has been offered decorated for NP and SP&S. Northern Pacific tank car models come in multiple car numbers and you’ll find early examples with as-delivered details and a trio of road numbers with stenciling denoting assignment to Montana Rail Link and represent later era examples. Spokane, Portland & Seattle tank cars also come in multiple car numbers and include early details.


ABOVE: Santa Fe 98058 shows early lettering style and detailing and comes with white and orange banding notes solvent service.

For Santa Fe modelers, this American Limited HO-scale GATC tank car has no less than six versions in this latest production. You’ll find early era orange banded cars used for journal oil transportation, orange and white bands for solvent service, yellow band for gasoline service, and gray band for diesel fuel service. These early era tank cars feature friction truck sideframes, include ATSF reporting marks and lack “Santa Fe” name, and include standard couplers and high-mount walkways.

ABOVE: Santa Fe 101133 includes gray bands on the dome and tank with labeling denoting diesel fuel service. This is a later era example with walkways modified, roller bearing trucks, and other details.

For 1970s and newer service, this production includes tank cars with large Santa Fe lettering appearing above the reporting marks and you’ll find three versions offered: orange band for journal oil service, reclaimed diesel fuel service, and gray band for diesel fuel transport. This later era tank car model comes with 70-ton (33-inch wheels) roller bearing truck sideframes with rotating bearing caps, lower modified walkways, and shelf-style knuckle couplers.

San Juan Model Company is based out of Arvada, Colo., designs and produces incredibly accurate model train parts, kits, decals, and accessories for the discerning modeler. Under the leadership of lifelong modelers Bob Stears and Doug Junda, this company includes San Juan Details (formerly Grandt Line), Leadville Shops, San Juan Car Co., San Juan Decals, Railgraphics, and American Limited brands.

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This article was posted on: March 19, 2021