Brazil’s Frateschi adds HO-scale Alco RS switchers

Decorated in an attractive red with with livery for Brazil’s CPTM. This offering is one of three RS-3 road names currently available from Frateschi for this fully assembled HO-scale release.

Brazil’s Frateschi adds HO-scale Alco RS switchers

HO ScaleFrateschi recently expanded its line of HO-scale diesel locomotives with the arrival of Alco RS-3 and RSC-3 offerings. The new plastic reproductions of these early Alco diesel road switchers appear to present late production examples spotted by the inclusion of horizontal louvers on the hood access doors. The shells include separate brake wheel and air horn with mold-on grab irons. The walkway includes diamond-pattern treadwalk detail and separately applied flexible plastic handrails surround the unit. The ready-to-run releases include all-wheel drive mechanisms residing in a die-cast metal chassis. The road names available for Frateschi’s RS-3 include Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos or CPTM, Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil or E.F. Central, and Rede Ferroviária Federal, Sociedade Anônima or RFFSA Central.

ABOVE: Featuring an A-1-A truck arrangement to spread weight out across lighter rail, Alco’s RSC-3 is now available from Frateschi.

The hobby company’s RSC-3 appears currently in a pair of road names (Ferrovia Paulista or FEPASA and São Paulo Railway Company). All roads are indigenous to Brazil in South America. Model Railroad News plans a review of these Alco switchers in a coming issue. Frateschi’s line includes South American prototype U23C, C30-7, and AC44i diesel locomotives among others. Reynauld’s Euro Imports ( can obtain Frateschi items for modelers in North America.

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This article was posted on: November 11, 2020