LGB Santa Fe “Yellowbonnet” Exclusive to North American Club

This special one-time production LGB Santa Fe “Yellowbonnet” F-unit model is an exclusive offering available only to North American Club members.

LGB Santa Fe “Yellowbonnet” Exclusive to North American Club

G ScaleMembership in LGB’s club provides several benefits and exclusives. This G-scale Santa Fe F-unit decorated in “Yellowbonnet” livery is one-time production that is being offered only to North American LGB club members. The assembled F7A reproduces one of the road’s interesting 1970s era repaints that traded the famous red up front for yellow or blue.

ABOVE: This side view of LGB’s Santa Fe North American Club exclusive model shows the ACI label (between the road name on the side of the unit), Argentine service/base stencil, and separate grab irons added to the nose in later service years.

This model will include road number 341, “Argentine” service stencil, and multicolor ACI label, along with its blue Santa Fe herald and striping and yellow nose. You can learn more about the North American LGB club by visiting the manufacturer’s website and selecting the “Club” tab.

ABOVE: Following their years dressed in the famous red-and-silver Warbonnet livery, Santa Fe began repainting select F-units for freight service. This Yellowbonnet look was one of several late era looks for these first-generation diesels. – Kevin EuDaly collection 

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This article was posted on: November 13, 2020