DPM Combos from Woodland

With DPM Combo releases from Woodland, you receive a structure kit, LED lighting, and colorful printed interior. This view shows (left to right) The Paint Pros, Ashby Auto Parts, and Mongillo Jewelers. Offerings are available in HO and N scale.

DPM Combos from Woodland

HO ScaleN scaleWoodland offers combination releases in HO and N providing modelers with a DPM Landmark Structures kit, Just Plug-series LED lighting, and a Roomettes interior. The concept makes for an all-in-one product that gives you an easy-to-assemble plastic structure, full-color printed interior, and LED lighting. There are 19 DPM combos available with 17 HO releases and a pair of combos in N scale.

ABOVE: Woodland’s DPM Combos provide a plastic structure kit, Roomettes interior detail and LED lighting (both shown below). Woodland’s Ashby Auto Parts is shown and it comes with five LED lights that you can connect to a Just Plug hub and power.

The provided LED lighting will connect with separately sold Just Plug-series power supply and hub. The color printed sections by Roomettes are flat sheets you trim and fold to create dimensional interiors for your building. Visit your hobby dealer or check Woodland’s website for a complete list of DPM Combo offerings.

P.O. Box 98, Linn Creek, MO 65052

This article was posted on: November 17, 2020