Rapido Trains New Have EP-5 “Jet” in HO scale

This is a computer rendering for Rapido Trains’ coming HO-scale New Haven EP-5 “Jet” electric locomotive model.

Rapido Trains New Have EP-5 “Jet” in HO scale

HO ScaleRapido Trains shares a look at the working pantograph on its coming New Haven EP-5 “Jet” electric locomotive model. General Electric constructed 10 examples of this dual-ended electric locomotive in the mid-1950s for New Haven. The unique units came dressed in New Haven’s McGinnis livery. Rapido Trains plans a high-quality HO-scale reproduction of this famous electric with multiple New Haven offerings (including an experimental yellow McGinnis look) and a Penn Central release too.

ABOVE: New Haven will be covered with five variations in Rapido Trains’ initial EP-5 “Jet” electric production. Penn Central will also be represented in the run.

Rapido Trains’ model will present period-correct details (including carbody, pantograph, and hardware variations), cab interior, directional operating pantographs (on sound-equipped releases), complete lighting package (including headlights, class lights, ground lights, and cab interior illumination), and much more.

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Check with your hobby dealer for pricing information and reserve your Rapido Trains’ HO-scale EP-5 “Jet” electric locomotive today. Visit Rapido Trains online for additional information and images on this interesting electric and the company’s many New Haven prototype passenger car models available in HO scale.

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This article was posted on: November 16, 2020