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ExactRail TrentonWorks Bulkhead Flatcar

ExactRail’s Platinum-series Bulkhead Flatcar reproduces a contemporary 67-foot TrentonWorks prototype.

ExactRail TrentonWorks Bulkhead Flatcar

HO scale – ExactRail’s bulkhead flatcar in the manufacturer’s Platinum series reproduces a popular and contemporary era prototype seen on North American rails. The model follows a TrentonWorks 67-foot, 11-inch car. The first examples came in 1997 from Greenbrier at its Gunderson facility and moved in 2000 to production at TrentonWorks in Nova Scotia. TrailerTrain operates a large fleet of these bulkheads, which are yellow with TTPX reporting marks.

ABOVE: This release comes with a fiberboard sheet and instructions for easy install on the interior bulkhead ends.

For its HO-scale model, ExactRail presents a scale-length car produced from a combination of injection-molded plastic and die-cast metal components with formed brass and wire parts, as well as the user-installed laser-cut fiberboard detail pieces. There are variations in appearance for these TTPX cars from as-delivered in 2000 and 2004 to later era patched logo versions.

ABOVE: ExactRail’s HO-scale TrentonWorks Bulkhead Flatcar release comes equipped with Kadee’s metal #156 scale-head whisker couplers and ExactRail’s equalized 100-ton ASF Ride Control Truck sideframes (with blue roller bearing caps) and 36-inch smooth-rolling metal wheels.

Check ExactRail’s website or visit for information, availability, and pricing.

HO-scale Platinum series
67-foot TrentonWorks Bulkhead Flatcar

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This article was posted on: September 16, 2020