Grade Crossing Pro/2 from Logic Rail Technologies

Grade Crossing Pro/2 from Logic Rail Technologies

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Logic Rail Technologies now offers its second generation Grade Crossing Pro. The new version, Grade Crossing Pro/2 (GCP/2), retains all the features of the original product and adds some exciting new features including gate and bell timing configuration. The GCP/2 provides train detection and prototypical control of a grade crossing with outputs for signals and gate motors (slow motion switch motors or servos). Logic Rail now offers its own line of grade crossing bell sound modules, which plug directly onto the GCP/2 circuit board. Train detection is done using photocells, infrared components or other makers’ detectors. Prices start at $47.95 including sensors. Multi-track crossings can be handled with the addition of one or more GCP/2 Expander boards, which start at $37.95 including sensors. More information can be found on Logic Rail Technologies’ website, and products may be purchased through the company’s online store.

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This article was posted on: August 19, 2021