Wabtec battery hood section in HO and N from Apogee

This 3D rendering shows the hood section replacement now offered by Apogee Locomotive Works in HO and N scale. The piece will fit in place of this area on a GEVO locomotive and replicates a Wabtec electric prototype.

Wabtec battery hood section in HO and N from Apogee

HO ScaleN scale

Apogee Locomotive Works offers a 3D-printed resin hood section the follows the design of Wabtec’s 3000 BEL (battery electric locomotive) prototype. A locomotive of this type has been in use and evaluation on BNSF for several years. The FLX Drive Battery prototype gets its power from regenerative braking, and this locomotive is routinely mixed into consists with other regular diesels.

ABOVE: This Apogee Locomotive Works image shows samples of the HO (background) and N (foreground) 3D-printed resin sections for kitbashing a GEVO into a Wabtec electric locomotive.

Apogee Locomotive Works makes this section to replace the middle of the long hood on GEVO models. The release (shown below in HO and N scale) sells direct from Apogee Locomotive Works via the manufacturer’s website. The HO Wabtec section (ALW-S017) sells for $45, while the N-scale release (ALWS017N) is available for $35. Visit Apogee Locomotive Works to view additional images of this and other items offered in the company’s line.

Apogee Locomotive Works

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This article was posted on: August 24, 2021