InterMountain Railway Co. bi-level auto racks feature exclusive hobby shop releases

InterMountain Railway Co. produced these Canadian National and Canadian Pacific road names exclusively for Otter Valley Railroad.

InterMountain Railway Co. bi-level auto racks feature exclusive hobby shop releases

HO ScaleN scaleInterMountain Railway Co.’s enclosed bi-level auto rack model returns with a new production in HO scale in several road names (N-scale releases are expected later in 2021). This highly detailed reproduction includes see-through metal side panels, positionable end doors, interior detailed decks, underbody brake and air rigging features, smooth-rolling metal wheels, and scale-head metal knuckle couplers.

ABOVE: In the mid-1970s, Rock Island dropped its red, maroon, and yellow liveries and adopted a light blue look and bold “The Rock” image. This is Spring Creek Model Trains’ exclusive The Rock bi-level auto rack in HO scale. 

Among the offerings, Spring Creek Model Trains of Deshler, Neb., has an exclusive Rock Island release. Presented the late era “The Rock” look, this impressive model includes blue flatcar and super structure with white roof section and see-through metal side protective panels.

ABOVE: This HO InterMountain Railway Co. auto rack is delivering “land yacht” Buicks and Cadillacs from General Motors. These vehicle replicas are from a NEO production offered several years ago. Notice the auto rack’s deck detail and coupler cut lever and grab irons on the end of this model.

In addition to this Spring Creek Model Trains exclusive release (which will also be offered in six road numbers in N scale), InterMountain Railway Co. offers BNSF (multiple liveries), Conrail, CP Rail, CSX, Grand Trunk, Mexico’s TFM, Norfolk Southern, Providence & Worcester, Southern Railway, Union Pacific, and Western Pacific, among its releases.

ABOVE: Otter Valley Railroad’s HO-scale InterMountain-made CP Rail auto rack includes a faded Action Red appearance.

Located in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Otter Valley Railroad received two exclusive releases in this latest production. A faded Action Red rack lettered for CP Rail and a yellow Canadian National release.

You can check availability on these exclusives and other recent InterMountain Railway Co. auto racks by contacting Spring Creek Model Trains for information on their “The Rock” release and Otter Valley Railroad for information on their CP Rail and Canadian National releases.

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This article was posted on: April 7, 2021