Tangent Scale Models’ all-new HO-scale combination door boxcar is first in a new series

For Tangent Scale Models’ 40-foot combination-door boxcar, you’ll find three road names and each possesses a unique body shell and road-accurate details.

Tangent Scale Models’ all-new HO-scale combination door boxcar is first in a new series

HO ScaleTangent Scale Models kicks off a new freight car series with its all-new combination door boxcar replica. This series will reproduce Pullman-Standard PS-1 prototypes in high-quality HO offerings.

This interesting first release provides a 40-foot purpose-built boxcar from Pullman-Standard’s line. Dating from the late 1950s, this car featured a traditional sliding door paired with a flush-fitting plug door. The design was created to serve hauling consumer products or grain shipments west and return east with lumber materials. This type of boxcar could found all over North America from its debut into the early 1990s.

ABOVE: The Milwaukee Road releases are dressed and detailed as the prototype was when new in mid-1958 and the look of August 1958 built examples. This version of this boxcar includes the widest door opening of the group, note the wider sliding door section.

For its first release, Tangent Scale Models provides The Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, and Union Pacific examples. Each road name possesses unique characteristics (actually unique body shells for each road name), including correct door styles and sizes. The replica rides on one of two all-new truck sideframe designs: ASF A-3 50-ton roller bearing or Barber S-2 plain bearing.

ABOVE: Complete with matching Oxide Red truck sideframes, this highly detailed Union Pacific offering is from the road’s BC-50-10 class, which included 1948-built sliding door examples rebuilt by the road’s shops in 1963 and 1964 into this combination door configuration.

ABOVE: Watch for review coverage of this new model in the pages of Model Railroad News. Our Northern Pacific enthusiast Chris Atkins will examine Tangent’s NP replica.

Tangent’s Northern Pacific offering features metallic brown sides, black ends, and aluminum roof with a large 60-inch Monad herald. Union Pacific combination door boxcars reproduce the road’s BC-50-10 class from late 1963. Each road name is offered with a dozen road numbers.

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This article was posted on: April 7, 2021