New production for ExactRail Platinum Series HO-scale coil car

This is ExactRail’s as-delivered Conrail coil car. This Platinum Series release reproduces Conrail’s G52S class for this run with multiple looks.

New production for ExactRail Platinum Series HO-scale coil car

HO ScaleExactRail offers a new production run for its Platinum Series coil car model. The release reproduces a Thrall-built freight car introduced in the early 1990s.
For this new offering, ExactRail includes Conrail’s G52S (last release was G52U series cars). The prototypes went to work in late 1993 and ExactRail presents Conrail versions to cover a range of years from as-delivered to later repaints and patched-out editions of this car’s “CoilSHIELD” decoration with Conrail’s “Quality” lettering. Multiple road numbers are available for each of these Conrail looks.

ABOVE: ExactRail’s Thrall-prototype coil car is available decorated for four Conrail looks. At top is the 1993 as-delivered appearance, below that is a repainted hood version, followed by a “patched” hood, and a release with NYC reporting marks.

In the 1999 breakup of Conrail, CSX acquired members of this fleet of contemporary coil cars. ExactRail’s research confirmed at least one fully repainted CSX example in dark blue scheme with white and yellow lettering, including NYC reporting marks. That prototype, NYC 631254, is the one-and-only CSX offering in this collection.

ABOVE: ExactRail’s attractive blue CSX car includes NYC reporting marks and represents a 2007 repaint. Norfolk Southern “Protector” coil cars offer a different hood and come in as-delivered 1992 scheme and with conspicuity stripes.

Norfolk Southern’s silver “Protector” scheme Thrall prototypes receive attention for this new production with nine road numbers produced for the 1992 as-delivered appearance. In addition, ExactRail offers three Norfolk Southern coil car models with reflector conspicuity stripes.

This highly detailed reproduction comes fully assembled with Kadee-made No. 156 metal knuckle couplers mounted to the body in narrow-style detailed draft boxes. The model rides on ASF “Ride Control” 100-ton truck sideframes with 36-inch smooth-rolling metal wheels. This coil car model will navigate curves of 22-inch radius and wider and includes separately applied wire grab irons, brake rods, coupler cut levers, and air hoses. Visit ExactRail’s website or for availability and pricing on these HO-scale coil cars.



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This article was posted on: December 10, 2020