X72s in N scale from Eastern Seaboard Models

Conrail’s X72 and X72A boxcars were purchased by Penn Central. Eastern Seaboard Models recently delivered these three Conrail lettering variations. All are Tuscan Red, the large logo CR 269962 is mid-1980 serviced example.

X72s in N scale from Eastern Seaboard Models

N scaleEastern Seaboard Models recently delivered a new production of its U.S. Railway Equipment Company 50-foot modern sliding-door boxcar models. These fully assembled N-scale releases reproduce a prototype from the early 1970s original in service on Penn Central and Western Pacific.

Eastern Seaboard Models provides a plastic body and underframe with etched-brass crossover platforms on the end of the car. This boxcar features accurate ride height and comes equipped with low-profile metal wheels in ASF 70-ton Ride Control roller bearing truck sideframes. Reproducing the prototype’s extended couplers, the model has a Keystone cushioned underframe with Micro-Trains-compatible knuckle couplers. The manufacturer recommends operation on minimum 10-inch radius curves.

ABOVE: Canadian National acquired X72s in the late 1990s from Conrail’s roster. The spartan decoration presents a Freight Car Red model with white lettering. CN 416381 shows a July 1998 service date, the other CN road number features a January 1999 service date and is car 416484.

This latest release includes Conrail repaints from the late 1970s with Tuscan Red body and white lettering. You’ll also find two Canadian National X72 boxcar model releases representing roster members added by the railway in the 1990s.Visit Eastern Seaboard Models to see more of the company’s line of N-scale rolling stock and accessories.

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This article was posted on: December 12, 2020