New run of Rivet Counter Dash 9s coming to HO from

Rolling in a driving rain in 2007 for this view of BNSF 673 finds it still wearing its Santa Fe Warbonnet livery, but with patched reporting marks. will offer three models of this patched and faded style, including 673. — Jim Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

New run of Rivet Counter Dash 9s coming to HO from

HO plans a new production for its Rivet Counter-series General Electric (GE) Dash 9 diesel locomotives. The collection will include Norfolk Southern’s “Top Hat” Dash 9-40C with “Horsehead” logo with the following road numbers 8774, 8786, 8814, 8828, 8831, and 8844. This version of GE’s Dash 9 is one of the last “standard cab” new production locomotives built to date.

ABOVE: This illustration shows the interesting BNSF Dash 9-44CWs coming in this new production.

Featuring the wide nose or safety cab,’s will offer BNSF and Santa Fe Dash 9-44CWs, and Union Pacific C44-9W models. The three BNSF Dash 9-44CWs (660, 673, and 696) will come with faded Santa Fe Warbonnet livery, reflector stripes on the sill, patched BNSF reporting marks, and more details to replicate a look of a unit after several years in service without receiving repainting.

ABOVE:’s Dash 9s will include Norfolk Southern’s standard cab Dash 9-40C with “Horsehead” logo, BNSF (faded Santa Fe Warbonnet) and as-delivered Santa Fe Dash 9-44CWs, and Union Pacific C44-9Ws will come with paint and detail variations (red or yellow sill stripes and accurate cab roof details).

Fresh-looking Warbonnet livery will be featured on coming Santa Fe offerings with four road numbers: 628, 629, 640, and 644. For Union Pacific enthusiasts, this production will present four units with red sill stripes (as shown above) and three models with newer yellow sill stripes and accurate contemporary PTC antenna array details.

ABOVE: Looking nearly new Santa Fe 644 is eastbound near Sais, N.M., in 1994. This is one of four road numbers coming from for its Dash 9-44CW. — Mike Cleary photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

In addition to decorated offerings, will offer undecorated releases in all four road name styles. These undecorated models will come with standard DC electronics or with Digital Command Control and sound, just like the decorated offerings. Order your Rivet Counter HO-scale Dash 9 now from or from one of the manufacturers’ select retailers.

This article was posted on: April 20, 2021