Pennsy S2 Turbine steam locomotive returning from Broadway Limited Imports in HO

This Broadway Limited Imports’ HO-scale Brass-Hybrid series Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) S2-class turbine steam locomotive in its as-delivered 1944 appearance. PRR 6200 would receive two sizes of smoke deflectors fitted to its forward boiler sides during its run with the railroad in the late 1940s.

Pennsy S2 Turbine steam locomotive returning from Broadway Limited Imports in HO

HO ScaleBroadway Limited Imports (BLI) has a new production of its Brass Hybrid series Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) 6-8-6 steam locomotive in HO scale. There are three versions of this interesting prototype, which was the first and only 6-8-6 wheel arrangement built at Baldwin’s Eddystone, Pa., facility. A single example, PRR 6200, went into service in fall 1944. This unique S2-class roster member included a direct-drive steam turbine as part of its design. The model example and prototype image (all photos courtesy BLI) on the right show the as-delivered 6200, in the middle you see this 6-8-6 fitted with small smoke deflectors on the front sides of the boiler. The lower image (shown in brass finish) is the S2 with its second and final large smoke deflectors. Though this unique 6-8-6 was still a showpiece and appearaed for 1948’s Chicago Railroad Fair, following damage to its turbine in 1949, PRR 6200 went into storage and saw scrapping in 1952.
ABOVE: The mechanism and a few other parts receive a brass finish for Broadway Limited’s brass painted 6-8-6 turbine steam locomotive model. This late version (with large smoke deflectors) will also be available in a fantasy Pennsy scheme decorated in Tuscan Red with gold striping and lettering.

This eye-catching steam locomotive is back from Broadway Limited Imports with the manufacturer’s Paragon 4 Digital Command Control (with Back EMF) and audio system (featuring authentic turbine whoosh sound effect). This assembled 6-8-6 comes with synchronized smoke output (controllable under DCC power or via a switch on the bottom of the replica). Part of BLI’s Paragon 4 electronics provides its “Switcher Mode” setting for enhanced low-speed operation, “Pro Lighting Mode” allowing individual control of all light effects, and a built-in capacitor to navigage varying quality track without interruptions in performance. Retailing for $874.99 (announced for late 2022 delivery), BLI offers as-built (no smoke deflectors), small smoke deflectors, and large smoke deflectors each decorated for Pennsy 6200. The large smoke deflector edition is available with a fantasy Tuscan Red Pennsy livery with gold lettering and large keystone on its tender sides; this version is also offered in brass finish.

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This article was posted on: October 15, 2022