Bluford Shops announces new run for N-scale quad-door high cubes

Bluford Shops announces new run for N-scale quad-door high cubes

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Bluford Shops will offer a new production of its N-scale high-cube boxcar model. The prototype for this 86-foot auto parts carrier is Pullman-Standard’s quad-door example that first began serving North American railroading needs in the 1960s. This design with two pairs of insulated doors on each side of the boxcar came about at the request of General Motors (though the cars could be seen in pool service at a variety of automobile facilities). In more recent years, these big boxcars continue to find utility carrying low-density loads that range from turbine fans to breakfast cereal, and more.

This coming release will include road names and decorations covering many years from as-delivered to more contemporary looks. The model, due in during the second half of 2023, will come with a newly designed draft gear that will accommodate Micro-Trains’ 1015 couplers (included on the car) and others of compatible size. The draft gear design is body mounted with a spring-centered swing action for smooth operation. This big 86-footer will ride on the latest version of Bluford Shops’ 70-ton roller bearing trucks and will be equipped with metal wheels. This assembled N-scale high-cube boxcar is recommended for operation on railroads equipped with a minimum of 11-inch radius curves or wider. This finely detailed reproduction will come with separately applied wire grab irons and etched-metal crossover platforms on the ends of the car. Bluford Shops will offer 10 road names, all coming with multiple road numbers. The model retails for $36.95. Hobby dealers may contact Heartland Hobby, Walthers, or Puce Creek (Canada) for information on stocking Bluford Shops products.

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This article was posted on: November 1, 2022