Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper for N scale from Iowa Scaled Engineering

This Iowa Scaled Engineering image shows its Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper installed in an N-scale Fox Valley Models ES44 diesel locomotive chassis.

Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper for N scale from Iowa Scaled Engineering

N scaleIowa Scaled Engineering’s Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper provides you with a micro-size module that improves the running quality of N-scale and space-constrained locomotives equipped with Digital Command Control (DCC). The unit includes integrated protection circuitry and is built using micro capacitors and is ideal for fitting into small installation areas.

The Run-N-Smooth unit is not a traditional stay-alive capacitor, meaning it is not designed to provide multiple seconds of stored energy to maintain motor/sound/lighting over adverse track conditions. The offering does deliver a noticeable assurance against rail and wheel oxidation, mild dirt/grime, and minor track imperfections. With the limited contact surface of wheels and rails in N scale, Iowa Scaled Engineering’s Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper helps avoid annoying sound drop-outs, flickering lights, and stalling for DCC operations.

ABOVE: Here is the top and bottom of Iowa Scaled Engineering’s Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper. This valuable device is compact and costs around $20.

Typical capacitors made of manganese oxide tantalum can fail and be damaged beyond use when operated near or above their rated voltage. Iowa Scaled Engineering’s product includes a higher energy density capacitor (more capacitance in less space) and include voltage limiting protection circuity. The unit is 9.1 mm by 10.4 mm and its thickness is 4.65 mm.
Find out more and see a video of this item by going to Iowa Scaled Engineering’s website.

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