Santa Fe’s SD40-2s and Kato’s N-scale model

This is essentially the as-delivered appearance for Santa Fe’s SD40-2s. Santa Fe 5028 was part of the road’s first group of this model in late 1977. This view finds it between assignments in the Chicago area in October 1978. –Jim Shepard photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Santa Fe’s SD40-2s and Kato’s N-scale model

ABOVE: Santa Fe 5033, displaying modifications making it match well with Kato’s N-scale SD40-2 release, was working an eastbound intermodal across Missouri at Ethel in the fall of 1996. — Robert Anderson photo, Kevin EuDaly collection 

Electro-Motive Division’s (EMD) SD40-2 was among the most popular offerings in the diesel builder’s “Dash 2” line. Santa Fe bought EMD’s SD40 in 1966, but only rostered 20 examples (1700-1719, renumbered 5000-5019 in 1970). The road added the follow-up SD40-2 model in much greater numbers (nearly 200 examples), but didn’t get started on its collection of these “Dash 2” version SD40s until late 1977. There’s 600 reasons why these EMDs either stayed in smaller numbers (SD40s) or came late (SD40-2s), and those 600 reasons are horsepower. Santa Fe opted for SD45s (more than 100 bought between 1966 and 1970) and also owned F45 and Fp45 models. The road stayed on its 20-cylinder, 3600-hp, course and bought EMD’s SD45-2 (more than 80 units bought beginning in 1972).

Above: Santa Fe 5083 and 5038 were westbound with a stack train at Belen, N.M., in June 1995. This unit shows the modifications made to this mid-production SD40-2. — Mike Cleary photo, Kevin EuDaly collection

Kato’s late 2020 deliveries of SD40-2 diesel locomotive models will include Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern’s special livery Maersk Sealand roster member, and Santa Fe.

The models will depict mid-production or Phase II examples of Electro-Motive Division’s very popular and long-serving “Dash 2” variant of the SD40. Hobbyists can purchase standard DC setup (MSRP: $120) or select from SD40-2s with factory-installed Digital Command Control (DCC) electronics. Kato will offer DCC-equipped models for these road names and road numbers with Digitrax decoder (MSRP: $200), also available on a special order basis are DCC-sound versions (MSRP: $320) with ESU’s LokSound system. This assembled N-scale SD40-2 diesel locomotive model will come equipped with Kato’s body-mounted magnetic knuckle couplers and directional LED lighting.

Kato’s Burlington Northern SD40-2s (road numbers 6792 and 7036) will feature the road’s standard or original livery with details including headlight mounted between the number boards over the cab face and air horn cluster on cab roof. Santa Fe releases (road numbers 5072 and 5088) will present a later career appearance with plated over headlight between the number boards, rear-mounted air horn, and nose headlight, as well as ditch lights on the front pilot. The unique light blue, silver, and black Norfolk Southern 3329 will wear Maersk Sealand lettering on its long hood and reproduces this paint scheme done to promote service between the railroad and this intermodal shipper. This Kato SD40-2 model will come with headlight above the cab between the number boards, pilot-mounted ditch lights, and air horn on cab roof.

ABOVE: From a previous production run, Santa Fe 5039 shows the paint scheme and details you’ll find on the late 2020 delivery of Kato’s latest N-scale SD40-2 release.

Check with your hobby dealer or visit Kato’s Online Shop to reserve or purchase the company’s releases.

Here’s a preview of coming products, including the SD40-2 offerings, with Alex Kovach and Michael Conway from Kato’s YouTube Channel…

N-scale SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive

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