ScaleTrains Carbon Black Hopper

ScaleTrains Carbon Black Hopper

N scaleScaleTrains announces N-scale carbon black model releases. The planned N-scale models will replicate Thrall-made prototypes in service from the 1970s to now on North American railroads. These new carbon black hopper models will arrive in ScaleTrains’ highly detailed Rivet Counter series of N-scale offerings.

The oldest carbon black hopper prototype coming from ScaleTrains will be a late-1970s version 5,750 cubic foot hopper. This version and its 1980s variation will somewhat resemble the appearance of an Airslide hopper. The other prototype from ScaleTrains will reproduce Thrall’s 4,727 cubic foot example. This three-bay hopper will look similar to a covered hopper and features a design introduced in 1992.

ScaleTrains Cities Service Company model represents one of two 5,750 cubic foot carbon black hopper cars coming to N scale.

ScaleTrains Degussa (DCBX) model represents Thrall’s 4,727 cubic foot carbon black hopper car introduced in 1992.

These models are available for reservation direct from ScaleTrains with prices starting at $31.99. Visit ScaleTrains for a complete list of road names planned for the two versions of the 5750 carbon black hopper and the coming 4727 carbon black model.
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423-299-3689 -International

This article was posted on: May 22, 2017