Exclusive Run Program from Broadway Limited

Exclusive Run Program from Broadway Limited

Broadway Limited Imports announces its 2017 Exclusive Run Program which allows both distributors and dealers of BLI products to build new products with the Broadway Limited Imports brand that are available exclusively through them.

Throughout the years, BLI has successfully collaborated numerous times with both distributors and dealers to create exclusive runs of BLI products that provided sales boosts and distinct competitive advantages for the reseller. As demand for collaboration with BLI has increased, it has become evident that this is an avenue that should be formally available to all resellers.

The program is open for production of both existing and newly tooled prototypes including locomotives and rolling stock in HO and N scales. All locomotives will be outfitted with BLI’s latest Paragon3 with Rolling Thunder technology. All products will carry BLI’s standard warranty and support.

BLI will officially begin accepting exclusive run agreements May 1, 2017 on a first come, first served basis. Exclusivity lasts for one year from the date of initial delivery. Exclusivity may be renewed year after year if a minimum order quantity reorder is placed for the following year.

“We’re excited to formally offer our retail partners this opportunity to build exclusive BLI branded products. We’ve had great success throughout the years running exclusives for both distributors and dealers and we anticipate with the introduction of our new program that we’ll see some new prototypes that the hobby might not otherwise see,” said Bob Grubba, president of Broadway Limited Imports. “We look forward to working closely with our resellers to build exciting new products for the hobby.”

For additional information, you can contact Ken Silvestri at Broadway Limited Imports by phone (386-673-8900 ext. 102) or by e-mail: ksilvestri@broadway-limited.com


This article was posted on: April 18, 2017